Kenalog Injections For Cystic Acne

When treating acne with kenalog injections it is very important to be seen by a reputable board certified dermatologist as there are many risks and side effects involved.

What is a Kenalog injection?

Steroid or Kenalog injections contain a small amount of medication that is then injected into cystic acne lesions to help resolve the acne problem quickly and effectively.  These types of injections are most helpful in treating large, nodular, and painful lesions and also provide relief from the inflammation and tenderness that often occur with acne.  When getting a Kenalog injection patients will often begin to notice positive results within 24 to 48 hours.

What else should I know about Kenalog injections?

Steroid injections are not meant to manage or prevent acne but are rather useful in immediately and temporarily solving the problem when one is suffering from large, nodular or painful cystic acne.  There are a number of adverse or negative side effects that patients should consider when weighing the benefits of following through with the injection procedure. However in most cases the use of injections offers a good option for many who are suffering from acne and wish to resolve the problem quickly.  Some side effects that people have who have used kenalog injections have mentioned include muscle cramps, fatigue, scarring, mood swings, stomach pain, headaches, insomnia, discolored indentation of the skin, temporary pain, allergic reaction, hyper pigmentation, and paranoia.

How can I get a kenalog injection?

It is very important to weigh the pros and cons of this type of procedure before making a decision however if a person is considering this type of treatment the best way to go about it is to call and make an appointment with a reputable board certified dermatologist who knows what they are talking about and can discuss if this type of treatment would be right for you or not.

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